We have the celebs.
Talent, with a whole lot of talent –
We look after a lot of celebrity talents ranging from model Steffi Giesinger ...
... to fashion and lifestyle blogger ...
... TV presenter and actress
Annie Hoffmann ...
... all the way to Social Media Stars.
We guarantee your message and brand will receive the highest form of attention it deserves.

Social Talent

Our team from Social Chain Ltd. look after more than 20 Top Social Media celebrities online as well as offline. Together they have the ability to reach over 50 million fans throughout the world of beauty, fashion, entertainment, comedy and lifestyle. We pride ourselves in thinking outside of the box when it comes to the progression of our Talent, which spreads our voice outside of the Social Media world, making us a go to agency for all rising stars

Global trends in just half an hour.
Social Chain: Controlled Chain Reaction “Social Chain” is the UK’s biggest influencer network and a part of the GMG
Over 300 million people follow Social Chain’s accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
When we get talking about brands, services and products on our channels, the entire internet listens and the conversation immediately starts.
Through the use of Twitter, we’re able to create trends in no time that attract a following of millions of people.
Social Moms: The Mother of all Mum Blogs The Influencer Marketing Agency “Social Moms”
is formed of a network of over 500 bloggers
that post inspiring and supportive content for mothers and mums to be ...
... Our Social Moms offer a range of attractive content covering topics on family, home life, beauty, health, fashion and entertainment. They don’t fail to make a lasting impression, which their average user engagement greatly shows.

Social Chain Ltd.

Create a global trend with one idea? We have the ability to achieve this in just 30 minutes. Our team of Social Chain Ltd. of producers, social media experts, designers, developers and copywriters create highly effective digital campaigns across all the main social channels including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and more. With more than 5,000 influencers and channels available to us, we’re able to connect with over 300 millions fans. Anytime. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

We believe in moving visuals.
DEF Media was set up by Christoph Post and Jörg A. Hoppe, the creators of TV channel VIVA and production company MME, which has now become a part of the Glow Media Group.
DEF Media, well known through “The Dome”, is a TV production company that specialises in pop culture and lifestyle.
... 2015/16 brought on a huge number of prime-time-shows, clips of concerts, documentaries, retrotainment and more including celebs like ...
... David Guetta, Jean Michel Jarre, David Garrett, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Beatrice Egil, Enie van de Meiklokjes, Sarah Wiener, Eva Padberg, Jan Josef Liefers and Axel Prahl for the channels ...
... ARD, ZDF, SRF, MDR, ProSieben, Sixx, VOX, RTL_II, ARTE, BMG and Universal.

DEF Media GmbH

We live for moving visuals and the best entertainment we can offer across all of our channels. The DEF Media GmbH team is made up of web experts and TV professionals that work hand in hand. We produce prime time shows and series for TV distribution, as well as music and live events. Our team of experienced international video experts create professional audio-video-content, all the way through to taking charge of studio production and Live-Broadcasting which is lead by a management team that has already put their stamp on the private television industry in Germany.

We organise Meetups for thousands of fans.



We bring fans, celebs and brands together, even in the real world. The Glow Convention team stages conventions that are always talked about. An example of this is “Glow”: Fans personally get to meet their favourite online celebs, try recommended products, receive tips and advice from experts and at the same time get to enjoy a bit of glamour. Brand partners are able to profit from this online and offline. The first four Glow conventions were completely sold out with 4,000 excited fans in Bochum, 5,000 in Stuttgart, 4,000 in Hannover and another 5,000 in Berlin. Mid of May the event series continued its success in Düsseldorf with more than 5.500 people attending. In the online world every “Glow” is a big deal, with over 100 million impressions per convention. Further series of events for other demographics are in the pipeline. We can guarantee you that the show will go on.

We make it simple - Social Shopping.


There’s always a lot of talk around brands and products online and aim of Diet Code GmbH is to make buying these products even easier through a multichannel eCommerce offer. We make Social Commerce easy.  And this is just the beginning…


Diet Code

Diet Code is a digital agency and maker of things. Over 30 IT experts bring together a wide range of services and tremendous know-how under one roof. We offer exceptional client experiences in IT-Services by combining innovative technology with an extra bit of glow, to boost your ideas and shape the future of your business. Our goal is to challenge the status quo by delivering the most innovative technologies in a remarkable time, without losing this special sense for details that we in our language define as “adding GLOW”. We guarantee high professionalism, hand-in-hand development with you as our client and outstanding products and services.

We offer

Web & App Development, IT-Consulting, UI/UX Development, Prototyping & Maintenance

from A-Z: Conception, design, development, tracking & consultation

We create things
that everyone wants.

Consumer Products

We know what our audience want and that’s why the team of Glow Innovations GmbH creates and markets innovative products that really make an impression. From best-selling books, top singles in the music charts, merchandising must-haves and everyday gadgets like the Popcornloop. We often act as a partner and incubator for startups that have developed promising ideas, inspired and accompanied by the investor Judith Williams, well known for her appearance on the VOX start up show “Die Höhle der Löwen” the German equivalent of Dragon’s Den.